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One Act Plays
Out for the Count by Martin Downing and Frankensteinís Last Chance by Geoff Bamber
Directed by Ian Guy
5th - 9th December 2017

Out for the Count by Martin Downing

One Act Plays - Prof Hertz Van Heyer

A mysterious Count, newly arrived from Transylvania, and visiting Dr. Sewer's lunatic asylum in Whitby, attempts to seduce the women of the house, hungry as he is for more than the Bloody Mary offered as a pre-dinner drink.

One Act Plays - The Count and Mina

Thwarted by a cross shaped birthmark and hounded by a professor carrying a carpet bag full of crosses he enlists the help of the obnoxious Rennet whose idea of heaven is a black pudding factory.

One Act Plays - Prof Hertz Van Heyer, Constance Sewer, Rennet, Dr Sewer and Jonathon Farquhar

One Act Plays -  Jonathon Farquhar, Mina and Lucy

Fresh out of stakes, the professor and young Jonathan seem to have lost the battle but they, and the Count, had reckoned without Bridget the feisty cook.

Jonathan FarquharStephen Proud
Mina, his fiancťPhoebe Guy
Lucy, a relativeElla James
Rennet, an inmate at the asylumLeo Harding
Bridget, the cookStacey Collins
Dr. Arthur Sewer, Asylum OwnerRobin Thwaytes
Constance Sewer, his wifeLynda Anning
Prof Hertz Van Hyer, Vampire hunterDoug Thomson
A Mysterious CountTim Harlow

Frankensteinís Last Chance by Geoff Bamber

One Act Plays - Dr Frankenstein and Klara

Set a little later than the original book Doctor Viktor Frankenstein is married to Elizabeth and they have a daughter, Klara, on the verge of marrying another Doctor, Henry Servalle.

One Act Plays - Klara Frankenstein and Henry Servalle

Unfortunately weddings cost money and Viktor has dropped out of regular doctoring to become a mad scientist - with limited success!

One Act Plays - The Robbers

One Act Plays - Janik and Rosie Spicer

Henry blows the honeymoon money on tickets to the Mad Scientist's convention and they set about coming up with an entry to win them first prize.

One Act Plays - Creature

Dr. Viktor FrankensteinOliver Hale
Elizabeth Frankenstein, his wifeStacey Collins
Constance, the MaidPhoebe Guy
Klara Frankenstein, the Frankensteinís DaughterElla James
Dr. Henry Servalle, her fiancťJake Lee
Janik, the menial servantAlistair Bibby
Rosie Spicer, low life barmaidPhoebe Guy
Robber 1Stephen Proud
Robber 2Lynda Anning
Robber 3Doug Thomson
CourierStephen Proud
CreatureLeo Harding
SergeantDoug Thomson
ConstableLynda Anning
Judge 1Stephen Proud
Judge 2Lynda Anning