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On the Fiddle
Based on The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan
and outrageously plagiarised by Mrs Evelyn Cavendish
Directed by Ian Guy
Was performed 10th - 14th December 2013 at The Shed.

Nanki-Poo, on the run from Katisha an elderly lady of his fathers court, falls in love with Yum-Yum who is herself about to be married to Ko-Ko the newly appointed Lord High Executioner.

On the Fiddle - Pitti-Sing, Yum-Yum, Beep-Bo and Miss Prodworthy

Ko-Ko has only recently been reprieved from prison and, as the Mikado is about to visit and wants to see an execution, may have to cut his own head off.

On the Fiddle - Chop-Chop, Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo

Chop-Chop wants to wield his weapon, Pooh-Bah will confirm any lie for a substantial bribe, Ric Shaw wants to be paid and Miss Prodworthy is determined to catalogue every banana in the Orient!

On the Fiddle - The Mikado and Katisha

Unsurprisingly mayhem and confusion rein...

On the Fiddle - Ko-Ko and Katisha

Miss Prodworthy, an English GovernessLynda Anning
Beijing Barry, a gentleman of JapanBrian Lawless
Hong Kong Fuey, a gentleman of JapanRichard Ware
Singapore Sling, a gentleman of JapanGraham Setter
Nanki-Poo, son of the MikadoJames Letten
Pish-Tush, a minor officialRhys Denton
Pooh-Bah, Lord High Know it AllRobin Thwaytes
Ko-Ko, Lord High ExecutionerDave Britton
Chop-Chop, official axe carrierJack Langford
Yum-Yum, a little maid from schoolChloe Gray
Pitti-Sing, a little maid from schoolCharlotte Guy
Peep-Bo, a little maid from schoolJane Vowler
Ric Shaw, a Taxi DriverAbigail Norton
Katisha, an old bagDi Phillips
The Mikado, ruler of JapanAfzal Hasan