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Pied Piper 1972

Written by Madge Miller, Pied Piper is based on the famous nursery rhyme. Residents are worried when a plague of rats infests the town of Hamelin. However, a strange Piper appears with an offer to dispose of the rats for a thousand guilders. The local Council agrees, and the Piper does actually charm the rats with his pipe, and they are all drowned in the river.

Fish out of Water

But the townspeople refuse to pay him his fee, so the Piper charms their children with his pipe, and leads them to a nearby mountainside, where walls of rock close around them. Dirk, a little lame boy who was unable to keep up with the children entering the mountain, tries to recapture the Piper's tune on his own pipe, but finds himself unable to remember it until each of the townspeople has surrendered the possession he loves the most.

Fish out of Water

This Production was in association with the Pinhoe Players. Produced by James Montgomery.