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Pride and Prejudice - December 2007

This play, dramatized by Helen Jerome, is based on the work of one of the most famous English writers of our time, Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice written in 1813 is perhaps her best known book and has seen many adaptations in terms of films, television series and books.

Pride and Prejudice - Mr Bingley, Miss Bingley and Mr Darcy

This production was first performed in London in 1936 with Celia Johnson playing Elizabeth Bennet and Anthony Quayle as Mr Wickham and the play is a worthy summary of the famous work. It is particularly written to take into account the underlying humour and sentimental comedy as originally intended. Mrs Bennet is determined to get her daughters married. Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia are likely looking girls in a period where a women’s one possible career is matrimony.

Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth Bennett, Mr Darcy and Mr Collins

To be a wife was to be a success. Anything else is failure. Jane and her Mr Bingley and the wild Lydia with her wayward Mr Wickham are quite content with things as they are but not the heroine Elizabeth with her quick mind who actually refuses to marry the odious Mr Collins, who she openly deplores and Mr Darcy who she secretly adores. In summary the play is the story of the duel between Ms Elizabeth and her pride and Darcy and his prejudice. Each gives in and pride and prejudice meet halfway.

Pride and Prejudice - Mrs Bennett, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Bennett

Mr BennetRoger Mathewson
Mrs Bennet Lynda Anning
Lady LucasMargaret Heeley
Charlotte LucasHelen Chapman
Elizabeth BennetAshley Carroll
Jane BennetJenny Nash
Lydia BennetLaura Hoad
Mr DarcyJulian Davey
Mr BingleyChris Payne
Mr Collins Doug Thomson
Mr WickhamTobias Ashton
Miss Bingley Marie York
The Lady Catherine de BourghSusie Barrett
Colonel FitzwilliamDave Britton
Mrs GardinerMeg Henkus
Hill (The Butler)Tony Golding
Maggie (The Maid)Charlotte Guy
Directed by ................. Pam Hoad