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Exeter Drama Company

Radio Times

Directed by Roger and Pat Mathewson
Was performed 3rd October 2014 at The Shed.

A real nostalgic treat with a night of the comedy, music and news from the decade that brought you Bill Haley, an end to rationing and The Glums.

Radio Times - Dave Britton, Brian Lawless, Graham Setter, Alistair Bibby and Roger Mathewson

Radio Times - Jake Lee and Ian Guy, with Charlotte Guy, Malcolme LIttler, Doug Thomson, Richard Ware, Phoebe Guy and Roger Mathewson

Radio Times - The Ovaltineys: Jake Lee, Ella James, Bronwen Stuart, Abi Norton, Ellie Carver and Leo Harding

Announcers/NewscastersRichard Ware, Roger Mathewson, Denise Gough
Lift Up Your HeartsJamie Rae
The Goons - What time is it Eccles?Brian Lawless and Doug Thomson
Brief EncounterEd and Margaret Heeley
Mrs Dale's DiaryJennie Anderson
Archie AndrewsIan Guy and Jake Lee
OvaltineysAlphington School children
The GlumsCharlotte Guy, Alistair Bibby and Malcolme Littler
Hancock - Test PilotGraham Setter and Doug Thomson
The ArchersMalcolme Littler, Brian Lawless, Helen Evans, Denise Gough, Abi Norton, Tara Studholme-Lyons,
Doug Thomson, Kieran Ferris and Ian Guy
The Glums at ChristmasCharlotte Guy, Alistair Bibby and Malcolme Littler
Hand Up Your SticksRichard Ware and Doug Thomson
The Goons - Winter DrawsBrian Lawless and Doug Thomson
Flying DoctorRichard Ware and Roger Mathewson
Have a GoRobin Thwaytes, Di Phillips, Charlotte Guy and Wendy Montgomery
Saturday ClubHosted by Dave Britton
BandRoger Mathewson, Brian Lawless, Graham Setter and Alistair Bibby