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"RolePlay" by Alan Ayckbourn - Directed by Malcolme Littler and Nicky Crew

Justin and Julie-Ann, both in computers and hopelessly mis-matched in love, are about to introduce their respective parents to each other over dinner - Justinís upper crust alcoholic mother from Surrey and Julie-Annís bigoted Yorkshire father and prim mother.

Role Play - Justin Lazenby and Paige Petite

Into this doomed scenario drops, literally, via the balcony upstairs and the river, Paige Petite, former lap-dancer with suicidal tendencies and her thick, gun-toting minder.

Role Play - Julie-Ann Jobson, Mickey Rale, Dee Jobson, Derek Jobson, Arabella Lazenby and Paige Petite

He is employed by her violent boyfriend where they proceed to wreak havoc on the meticulously planned evening.

Role Play - Paige Petite, Arabella Lazenby and Mickey Rale

Julie-Ann JobsonEmma Targett
Justin LazenbyRic Hutton
Paige PetiteAnna Platten
Micky RaleGraham Setter
Derek JobsonBrian Lawless
Dee JobsonMargaret Bond
Arabella LazenbyMeg Henkus