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Exeter Drama Company

School's Out

Directed by Ian Guy
Was performed 6th April 2012 at The Shed.

School's Out - Extract From A Play, Charlotte & Natalie

Following the success of our one off evening of all things food, we present

School's Out- Parents Evening - Malcolme & Simeon

an evening of poems, sketches and readings, all on the subject of school.

School's Out - Destiny's Children - Kat

Whether you go to school, teach at school or haven't stepped inside a classroom for years, be prepared to be entertained - and you may even learn something!

School's Out - Exam - Natalie, Phoebe, Meg, Simeon and Joe

T'was the night before school startsAnna Platten
Extract from a playKat Aplin, Natalie Piggott, Meg Henkus, Charlotte Guy, Anna Platten, Phoebe Guy
Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (A reading)Sim Costello
Assorted PoemsNatalie Piggott, Joe Shannon, Kat Aplin & Charlotte Guy
The HeadmasterMalcolme Littler
News Flash - Algebra!Natalie Piggott
I wish to resignMeg Henkus
Know your applesCharlotte Guy
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Wshington Irving (a reading)Kat Aplin
Parents Evening by John FarrellMeg Henkus, Malcolme Littler, Sim Costello
New cook in the cafeteriaPhoebe Guy
Death of a schoolboyCharlotte Guy & Kat Aplin
Closed DoorsAnna Platten
UnityJoe Shannon
News Flash - School DinnersMalcolme Littler
Destiny's ChildrenKat Aplin & Anna Platten
Exams!Meg Henkus, Joe Shannon, Natalie Piggott, Phoebe Guy, Sim Costello
Where do all the teachers go?Charlotte Guy
A chance encounterMalcolme Littler
Jennings' DiaryJoe Shannon
School PhotoKat Aplin
Class PestNatalie Piggott
1872 InstructionsAnna Platten
Many Happy ReturnsMeg Henkus & Joe Shannon
Creation of the teacherJoe Shannon, Phoebe Guy & Sim Costello