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"Secret Santa" - directed by Denise Gough

A hotch potch of festive fun - carols, sketches, one act plays, monologues and poems all based on this very special time of year. Wonderful festive fun for all.

Secret Santa - Twas The Night Before Christmas - Nana, Big Brother and Little Brother

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Secret Santa - When Life Gives You Lemons - Mum and Chloe

When Life Gives You Lemons

Secret Santa - Panto Question Time - Jack's Mother, Alice Whittington, Presenter, Cinderella's Stepmother and Giant's Wife

Panto Question Time

Secret Santa - Dingels Bells - Helen, Stacey, Runt, Astronomer, Gaspar and Balthasar

Dingles Bells
Twas the Night Before Christmas
NanaLynda Anning
Big brotherZack McCarthy
Little brotherTyler McCarthy
The Month After ChristmasStacey Collins
When Life Gives You Lemons
MumMargaret Heeley
ChloePhoebe Guy
Christmas TreesJamie Rae
Christmas the Untold Story
Shepherd 1James Coard
Shepherd 2David Gough
Shepherd 3Aaron Wilson
AngelCharlotte Guy
King John's Christmas by AA MilneWendy Montgomery
The Interview
MarkMark Jacobs
JoeJoseph Shannon
InterviewerMalcolme Littler
My ChristmasKaren Trist
Read All About It
CharlieJames Cotter
DaveDave Britton
Panto Question Time
PresenterBrian Lawless
Alice WhittingtonJenny Nash
Cinderella's StepmotherEmma Targett
Giant's WifeMargaret Bond
Jack's MotherDi Phillips
CustomerRichard Ware
ShopkeeperRoger Mathewson
The Nativity PlayPam Hoad
Dingles Bells
HelenHelen Evans
StaceyStacey Collins
BalthasarRobin Thwaytes
AstronomerFrederic Pont
GasparMalcolme Littler
RuntGraham Setter
CustomerEmma Targett
BodyguardDavid Gough
MelchiorAlistair Bibby
Christmas by John BetjemanDenise Gough