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Slaughterhouse - March 2003

In the Lovecraft room of "Usher", his great country house, ageing horror star Romney Marsh has gathered together a group of theatre people for a read through of his new play.

Slaughterhouse - Harriet Bales, Lynda Molloy, Caroline Clavers and Stella Bakewell

When the last of his guests has arrived, however, Romney instructs the gatehouse keeper to let loose the Dobermans into the grounds and with a moat full of piranha fish he is confident that his visitors are caught like rats in a trap.
It seems that someone has been sending him old press cuttings relating to the suicide of an old flame thirty years ago and Romney is determined to discover who is raking up the past.

Slaughterhouse - Romney Marsh, Tanya Mason and Edith Cartwright

Before too long one of his guests has her throat cut and then there is a poisoning and, with thick fog settling, the remaining ‘luvvies’ all admit to some connection with the dead actress of all those years ago.
With a rising body count the surviving guests hurl accusations about left, right and centre in their frantic and desperate attempts to unmask the killer in their midst.

Slaughterhouse - Edith, Freddy, Caroline, Brad, Lynda and Stella

Caroline Clavers Margaret Heeley
Edith CartwrightDiana Phillips
Douglas DekkerIan Guy
Bradford KyleDavid Gough
Freddy Bostock Carl McAdam
Lynda Molloy Frances Guy
Tanya Mason Meg Henkus
Stella Bakewell Rachel Brown
Harriet Bales Pat Daine
Romney Marsh John Clotworthy
Behind the scenesDoug Thomson, Sarah Ramsay,
Edward Heeley, Rob Barker,
Matthew Giquel & Richard Holladay
Directed by Ian Guy