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Exeter Drama Company

Snow White - December 1992

This version of the fairy tale Snow White, was written by members of our own company.

Snow White - The Dwarves, Snow White, Prince Erlich and Fairy Liquid

It follows the classic tale of a beautiful young maiden cast into a deep sleep by her evil step-mother, later rescued from the magic spell by the love of handsome Prince Charming.

Snow White -Dippy, Blusher, Prof, Oddbod, Sniffler, Humphrey, Snoozy and Smilie (the 8 dwarves!)

Our version does differ from the original though; with an extra dwarf who is as camp as a row of tents!

The Mirror Malcolme Littler
Lady Belladonna Jenny Trace
Inn, a hobgoblin Frances Guy
Out, a hobgoblin Annie Littler
Dippy Linda Holladay
Smilie Beverley Little
Sniffler Jacqui Draycott
Prof Denise Hill
Snoozy Caroline Dallas
BlusherKathy Southard
Oddbod Oliver Hale
Fairy Liquid Pamela Hoad
Queen Bristlewand Joanna Damerell
Dame Natterwick David Frumin
Snow White Kirsty Guy
Mrs Dalrymple Pam Rickard
Alexis Ian Guy
Sir Horace Plunkett Richard Holladay
Prince Elrich Nigel Guy
The Ribbon Seller Alison Dare
The Apple Seller Ruth Gooding
Fairies Alison Newberry, Joannah Northcott,
Lucy Holladay and Sarah Newberry
Gnomes Christopher Holladay,
Paul Slee and Neil Gooding
Produced by Mike Cannings and Lynda Jewell