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Spend And Raise - Exeter Drama Company

Exeter Drama Company

Sound and Vision

Compiled by Robin Thwaytes
29th and 30th June 2017

Sound and Vision - Malcolme (Dick Emery) and Jake

Sound and Vision - Lynda

Back into our nostalgic past again. Like our previous offerings of Radio Times (2014) and TV Times (2015) we once again re-visit the rich history of broadcasting although this time we concentrate on the output from the 60ís and 70ís.

Sound and Vision - Jake and Matilda

Sound and Vision - Liam, Jake and Jamie (The Two Ronnies)

Old favourites given a make-over, music and dancing, and laughs galore.

Sound and Vision - Harriet and Malcolme (What We Watched)

Sound and Vision - Joe and AJ (A Bit of a Chat - Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

Sound and Vision - AJ, Joe, Charlotte, Liam and Di (Are you Being Served)

Liam Dunn, Charlotte Guy, Jake Lee, Malcolme Littler, AJ Nouman, Di Phillips, Jamie Rae, Joe Shannon, Matilda Venn and Harriet Venn with Lynda Anning as The Continuity Announcer.