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Strangers by Arrangement
By Christopher Hails - Directed by Stacey Collins
was be performed 7th - 10th December 2011 at The Shed, Alphington

Strangers by Arrangement - Amanda Bailey and Miles Campbell

When retired Human Resources manager, Amanda Bailey, arrives at The Strada hotel hoping for a discreet weekend with her hired youthful companion, proceedings do not go to plan.

Strangers by Arrangement - Debbie Barnes

When he is delayed, she meets supermarket entrepreneur, Sir Miles Campbell, who is also waiting for the arrival of a paid for weekend companion.

Strangers by Arrangement - Inspector Wallace, Sergeant Carlton and Kelly Weeks

As events unfold and death leaves its calling card the private lives of everyone at the hotel are cruelly exposed.

Strangers by Arrangement - Debbie Barnes and Amanda Bailey

Debbie BarnesAnna Platten
Amanda BaileyNancy Wilson
Sir Miles CampbellBrian Lawless
Trevor GreenGraham Setter
Tom JacksonDave Britton
Simon MastersKirt Ware
Kelly WeeksJess Goddard
Vicky JacksonAnnie Trethewey
Inspector Craig WallaceAndrew J Pettitt
Sergeant Jenny CarltonCharlotte Guy