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The Dame of Sark
William Douglas-Home
Directed by Fran Guy.

19th - 21st June 2019, at Cornerstone.

The Dame of Sark - Bob Hathaway and Sybil Hathaway The Dame of Sark - Wilhelm Muller and Sybil Hathaway

The play follows the course of events on the small Channel Island of Sark during the German occupation of 1940-45.

The Dame of Sark - Major Lanz

Fiercely determined though she is in her patriotism and duty to protect her islanders Sibyl Hathaway, the eponymous Dame, finds a mutual respect,

The Dame of Sark - Colonel von Schmettau, Sybil Hathaway and Dr Braun The Dame of Sark - Sybil Hathaway and Colonel von Schmettau

even liking and understanding, slowly growing between herself and the German Colonel charged with keeping order during the years of occupation.

The Dame of Sark - Wilhelm Muller, Sybil Hathaway and Cecile

The close of the play sees both liberation and tragedy and sudden realisation for both friend and foe.

The Dame of Sark - Colonel Graham

Bob HathawayDoug Thomson
Sibyl HathawayPamela Hoad
CecileTara Studholme Lyons
Major LanzGraham Setter
Dr BraunRic Hutton
Colonel von SchmettauOliver Hale
Wilhelm MullerElliott Logan
Colonel GrahamTim Harlow