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"The Vigil" by Ladislas Fodor, directed by Robin Thwaytes - April 2010

The Vigil - Elias Jacobson, Assistant Counsel, Counsel for the Defence, Clerk to the Court and stand in Judge

The Vigil is a tense courtroom drama drama based on the Easter story as, in the dock, stands a Gardener accused of stealing the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Vigil - Judge, Esther Rubens, Counsel for the Prosecution

Witnesses called include Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene and the soldier who guarded the tomb. As each give their evidence using humour, science or religious conviction you’ll imagine yourself in a real courtroom.

The Vigil - -Counsel for the Defence, Clerk to the Court, Judge, and Mary Magdalen

Watch the story unfold as Counsels for Prosecution and Defence do battle to gain the agreement of the Jury and win the day. This is a compelling drama that even Kavanagh QC would be proud of.

Clerk to the CourtDiana Phillips
The Learned Judge Pamela Hoad
Counsel for the ProsecutionIan Guy
Counsel for the DefenceFrances Guy
EstherMandi Davison
Private Sextus Lucius Kirt Ware
Nathaniel PinchasAlistair Bibby
Joseph of ArimatheaGraham Setter
Lady ProculaMeg Henkus
Pontius PilateMalcolme Littler
Saul/Paul of TarsusEdward Heeley
BeulahNicky Crew
SadocJamie Rae
SusannaNaomi Hart
Prof ThaddeusRoger Mathewson
Mary MagdalenEmma Targett
Simon PeterDave Britton
GardenerRic Hutton
Court StenographerCharlotte Guy
Court OfficialsTo Be Announced