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Just the Ticket - June 1998

In the comedy Just the Ticket, by John Waterhouse, Harry is a zealous traffic warden.

Just the Ticket - Harry

One of his great hobbies is collecting stuffed birds and this is a causes of friction between him and his wife, Ethel. Harry's daughter, Ruby, is engaged to Gerald who unfortunately has an allergy to the birds.

Just the Ticket - Harry, Ethel, Ruby, Gerald and Mrs Cord

Harry's hobby seemingly pays off when he returns home with an owl which they discover is stuffed with money. However, the case is investigated by Inspector Travers who discovers Harry has been spending stolen money and he is led off to the police station. Throughout it all, Mrs Cord, Ethel's Mum, makes comment and munches on biscuits.

Just the Ticket - Ethel, Inspector Travers and Mrs Cord

Ethel Lovelock    Jenny Trace
Mrs Cord (Gran)     Wendy Montgomery
Ruby Lovelock     Tracey Monaghan
Harry Lovelock    Malcolme Littler
Gerald Rumbelow             Martin Nelson
Mr Travers    Andy Smith
Directed by     Denise Hill