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Tomb with a View - March 1997

Tomb with a View by Norman Robbins is set in the library of Monument House, where the greedy sinister Tomb family are gathered beneath the scary portrait of their father, the late Septimus Tomb.

Tomb with a View - Lucien, Dora, Emily and Marcus Tomb, Anne Franklin and Hamilton Penworthy

When the sinister solicitor Penworthy reads the will, they learn that the bulk of the £4 million estate has gone to a mysterious female stranger.

Tomb with a View - Lucien & Emily Tomb, Peregrine Potter, Dora Tomb and Hamilton Penworthy

Few of the family realise that murder and mayhem will soon occur, leaving a body count of eight by the final curtain call!

Breath of Spring - Dame Beatrice and Lady Miller

Hamilton Penworthy    Andrew Smith
Lucien Tomb     Ian Guy
Dora Tomb     Jenny Trace
Emily Tomb    Denise Hill
Marcus Tomb    Terence Dale
Anne Franklin     Cara Denham
Agatha Hammond    Lynda Jewell
Freda Mountjoy     Kathy Boylan
Peregrine Potter     Edward Heeley
Monica Tomb     Tracey Monaghan
Directed by    Malcolme Littler