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Exeter Drama Company

Up, Up and Away

Directed by Ian Guy
Was performed 28th March 2014 at The Shed.

Having passed through check in, passport control and duty free before boarding,

Up, Up and Away - Alice Purcell and Dave Britton

we had a one off evening of poems, readings, silliness and facts about all things aeronautical.

Up, Up and Away - Meg Henkus, Lynda Anning and Abi Norton

Once you know what actually goes on above your heads every day you may never, ever, want to board a plane again!

Up, Up and Away - Alice Purcell, Dave Britton and Helen Evans

Ten Golden RulesThe Crew
On Board Announcements 1Alice Purcell, Meg Henkus, Dave Britton and Helen Evans
The pilotLynda Anning
Impressions of a PilotAlice Purcell
Airline PilotDave Britton and Helen Evans
I want to be a pilotAbigail Norton
Some airline humourLynda Anning and Dave Britton
From the operators logMeg Henkus and Alice Purcell
On board announcements 2The crew
No alarm on the flight deckMeg Henkus
Move from the Operations logDave Britton and Helen Evans
Now here's a funny thingThe crew
Pilot ErrorDave Britton (Pilot), Alice Purcell (co-pilot) Helen Evans (hostess)
A readingDave Britton
High FlightMeg Henkus
An Airman's GraceLynda Anning
My cat goes flying through the airAbigail Norton
Fun at 40,000 feetThe crew
On board announcements 3The crew
The operations log. Again....Lynda Anning & Abigail Norton
Airline abbreviationsThe crew
FunniesHelen Evans, Meg Henkus, Dave Britton and Abigail Norton
The flight attendant's songLynda Anning
The hostessDave Britton
Peter PanHelen Evans
Adventures with a balloonHelen Evans, Dave Britton, Lynda Anning and Meg Henkus
The Englishman, the Irishman...Abigail Norton
BroomsAbigail Norton, Meg Henkus, Lynda Anning and Helen Evans
The Witches broomAlice Purcell
A readingMeg Henkus
The WitchAbigail Norton
When Pig's FlyLynda Anning
The spaceship that I bought...Abigail Norton
Do anything that you want to meDave Britton
Space Monkey'sAlice Purcell
The petrol stationHelen Evans