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Where the Rainbow Ends - 1964

The fairytale Where the Rainbow ends, by Ronald Quilter, tells the story of the children who believe their parents have been drowned but get granted three wishes by a genie, and therefore have exciting adventures - including getting a pet lion, meeting St George of England and seeing the land at the end of the rainbow. We do not have a cast list of this production but thanks to reviews in the local press we know Susan Cooper, Robin Trewartha, Peter Loader and Valerie Palmer played the children. Alan Finnimore was the evil Dragon King, Edna Finnimore his wily "Minister", with Joan Richardson and John Morris as cruel Maltilda and Joseph. Basil Cooper and Jennifer Clapp played the parents, Peter Palmer was a very cute lion, James Montgomery a patriotric and histrionic St George, Elinor Lavelle a witch, with Andrew Mitchell as Will o' the Wisp.

Where the Rainbow Ends

Produced by Joy Hatherley