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Who Dies Wins
by Seymour Matthews
Directed by Malcolme Littler
11th - 14th April 2018
Alphington Primary School

Who Dies wins - Abby and her man

Leon Winter always spices up his dinner parties with a practical joke or two, so when the electricity cuts out and a mysterious voice booms from the darkness the guests on this particular night do not think the worst.

Who Dies wins - Ray and Sophie

Then shots ring out and the joke turns into a nightmare bringing in the eccentric Chief Inspector Plum to investigate a case involving marital deception and twisted quotations from Shakespeare that culminates in a brilliant coup de theatre.

Who Dies wins - Sophie, John, Ray and Abby

Who Dies wins - Molly, Sophie and Abby

The characters in the play are Leon Winter, Abby Winter, Raymond Brown, Sophie Brown, John Drummond, Molly Drummond, Chief Inspector Norbert Plum and Piers Gerrard and they will be played by the following Exeter Drama Company Members: Ian Guy, Ric Hutton, Suzie Izzard, Seren Jones, Steve Proud, Graham Setter, Cathy Todd and Mark Tucker.