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Worzel Gummidge - December 1996

Based on Barbara Euphan Todd's children's classic, well known by television viewers in the 1980's, Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall's version of Worzel Gummidge has all the favourite characters.

Worzel Gummidge - Worzel and Aunt Sally

Brought to life by the Crowman, the naughty yet lovable Worzel creates havoc and farce wherever he goes in his efforts to win Aunt Sally's unwilling hand. Eventually he finds himself before the scarecrow court on a very serious charge.

Worzel Gummidge - various villagers, The Crowman, Aunt Sally, Sergeant Beetroot and Worzel

The final resolution is a happy one with a birthday cake enormous enought to satisfy even Worzel's appetite!

Worzel Gummidge - the full cast

Aunt Sally     Laura Hartley
The Crowman     Oliver Hale
Worzel Gummidge     Malcolme Littler
Mr Braithwaite    Richard Holladay
Mrs Braithwaite     Pamela Slee
Sue Peters     Jenny Anning
Jane Peters     Gemma Waugh
Mr Peters     Edward Heeley
WPC Parsons     Pamela Hoad
Mrs Shepherd     Lynda Jewell
Mrs Bloomsbury-Barton             Jenny Trace
Vicar     Matthew Ruddle
Miss Lewisham     Rhoda Hooper
Sergeant Beetroot     Denise Hill
Soggy Boggart    Edward Heeley
Scabby Taterblight     Matthew Ruddle
Hessian Tatersack     Kayleigh Proud
Scarecrows/Villagers     Joe Anning, Tom Anning,
Laura Hoad, Kayleigh Proud,
and Richard Holladay
Directed by     Wendy Montgomery & Ian Guy